D'Avico's Auto Repair
388 West Lancaster Ave
Wayne, PA 19087
40.0439727 -75.3992309
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52 reviews
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  John 02/15/2018
Great service. Helpful to know what work may be needed in the future. They provide this information for you.
  Rip 02/08/2018
A great auto repair and maintenance company. We have been a D?Avico?s customer for years and have always been very satisfied with their service, honesty, and pleasant attitude. Ashley is a terrific leader in the business, and the D?Avico?s team is really committed to ensuring we are well served and that we fully understand their service recommendations.
  Valetina 02/08/2018
Service at D'Avico's was wonderful! They made it so easy for me to get what I needed from providing me with a ride and dropping off m car to offering me with a good discount. They are also extremely friendly and can make you feel you are part of their family!! Highly recommend!
  Kori 01/21/2018
Wonderful service all around - friendly staff, reasonable and honest recommendations, and quality servicing. Definitely will continue going here, and would also recommend to others.
  Thomas 01/11/2018
I haven't had anything major done (yet) but my experience with your organization has been absolutely great.
  Mike 01/11/2018
Amazing service! Extremely friendly and helpful! I will only go here.
  Mike 01/04/2018
A great local honest option.
  Connie 01/04/2018
D'Avico's looks after the car and the driver. The car leaves the shop in good shape and the driver leaves with peace of mind. Much appreciated.
  Dick 01/04/2018
  Richard 12/07/2017
Outstanding customer service and repair. Had an opportunity to charge me a significant amount of money for a repair on a Volvo but chose to make a small repair to correct the problem. Honest, reputable and really know what they are doing. Will not go anywhere else.
  S L 11/28/2017
Services by D'Avico have been superb. They maintained a high standard of services, which kept my sedan in good working condition that still had a 27 mpg in highway driving during this Thanksgiving travel.
  Art 11/24/2017
  Dick 11/02/2017
Satisfied with the diagnostic steps to determine the issues with the EVAP system -- The engine light is off and time will tell if we are beyond this pesky issue. The longer the light is off the happier I am. Thanks, John/Ashley.
  Roberta 10/26/2017
Very accommodating, friendly and professional. Highly recommend them.
  Alyson 10/21/2017
Highly satisfied with the kindness, professionalism and convenience of having a loaner care while they worked on mine! Great place!
  Eileen 10/19/2017
five stars.....I'd give more but five was the top # provided!
  Jen 10/06/2017
My car is 12 years old - it's safe to say I've had my share of experiences with auto repairs. I recently moved back to the area and my car started having major issues with noise and shaking while driving, and not only was I concerned about my safety but also the fact that I had two appointments that day that I couldn't reschedule and a new job I was starting in a week. Stressed doesn't come close to explaining how I felt walking in, but as soon as I did, I was greeted with the nicest people I've ever worked with, calmed, reassured, and leaving with a loaner car in just minutes so I could make my appointments. They even switched my car seats over for me to the loaner car!! Every single conversation and experience I had was met with the best customer service and friendliest people I could ever ask to handle my car issues. The employees here go out of their way to ensure you don't miss a beat when something as major as your car breaking down occurs and I would never go to another place again! Highly recommend!!!
  Diane 10/05/2017
D'Avico's was wonderful, just like they have been every other time I took my car there. My car is very important to me, I could take it to Mercedes Benz but D'Avico's provides a much more upscale level of service. Their professionalism, friendliness, attention to detail and honest concern that they that they have me and my car's best interest foremost in their intentions is unparalleled.
  Linnea 09/28/2017
  Meryl 09/21/2017
Trust is so important and necessary when putting your car in the hands of your mechanic. I am a very loyal customer at D'Avico's and for good reason. I totally trust that they take into consideration my best interest and my wallet when taking care of my car. They run a very professional and welcoming establishment.
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